Bill Lucas is Professor of Learning and Director of the Centre for Real-World Learning at the University of Winchester. He is one of the world’s experts on teaching and assessing creativity in schools and has written more than forty books on education, including Teaching Creative Thinking: Developing learners who generate ideas and can think critically.

Today, more than 70 countries across the world specify creativity in their National Curricula. The Programme for International Student Assessment (‘PISA’) plans to test it in 2021. But England still lags behind other countries in terms of policies to support and encourage the teaching of creativity. Two recent reports offer some real hope. Fostering Students' Creativity and Critical Thinking: What it means in school by the OECD provides an evidence base for developing creativity in young people and the recent Durham Commission Report into Creativity in Schools, which Lucas co-authored, makes clear policy and practice recommendations.

In this talk, Lucas reflects on this new research and argues that we should make dramatic and rapid strides to make creativity a priority in all schools. The accompanying presentation is available here.  

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